We use artificial intelligence to maximize our investment’ returns.

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We bring enhancements to traditional investing

We analyze thousands of companies across the globe, unbounded by human limitations.
We unify investment criteria with objective data, avoiding contradictions.
We can instantly make complex decisions under changing environments.
We don’t contaminate the process with biases or emotions.
We asses our theorical historical performance to ratify its consistency.
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We apply an objective investment strategy

  • We identify +3k suitable companies1 that conform our universe, avoiding assets in extreme situations (e.g. distress2).
  • We analyze our universe processing +800m financial datapoints with Machine Learning algorithms.
  • We build a diversified portfolio with the 30-40 most promising opportunities at any given time.

1. We only consider liquid companies in developed markets (US, Europe, APAC -Japan and Australia-).
2. We have empirically proven that, besides contaminating the analysis process, they present a below average risk/return profile.

We have designed our system to:

  • find solid businesses at attractive prices, based on the theory of fundamental investing.
  • achieve consistent returns in time across all market environments.

We apply innovative tools, still to be adopty by the asset management industry.

> Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

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